Think Twice before Exposure to E-Cig Vapor!

Smoking cigarettes is among the chief causes of Lung Cancer, in both men & women. Everyone of us is aware of this fact.

Tobacco smoke is one of the most hazardous environmental agents that humans are regularly subjected to. But, more men and women are becoming aware of its terrifying prospects these days.

E-Cigarettes : Better than Traditional Smoking?

And, majority of them have either switched to or are adapting to E-Cigs. Whenever you visit an e-cig or Vaping website/store, they tell you that E-Cig is a safer alternative to Cigarettes. Hence, the number of vapers is on the rise especially in countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, China & Canada.

In fact, the global e-cig market is now estimated to be worth more than $19bn. However, vaping market is still pretty younger and it may take few more years for researchers to study about its long-term consequences on your health.

E-Cig Vaping Benefits:

  • safer than smoking,
  • no need to worry about smoke smell,
  • helps regulated nicotine intake,
  • endless options to choose from,
  • almost instant satisfaction,
  • easily available online.

Vaping Cons:

  • almost unlimited options in equipment, e-liquid and vaping style may leave you confused.
  • cumulative costs may become a head-ache if you become addictive.
  • not for younger men and women.
  • nicotine is broadly related with term smoking.

Is E-Cig & Vape Industry in a Turmoil?

Recently, Researchers from New York University conducted a study on 40 mice. Their aim was to discover the effects of vaping on mice lungs. And, the results are not very encouraging for the vaping & e-cig industry.

Yes, prolonged vaping of nicotine e-cig did develop lung cancer & also bladder cancer in few mice.

In this study, the mice were exposed to 2 different vapes. The 1st vape consisted of nicotine. The 2nd vape was flavored with 2 additives from an e-juice.


Surprisingly, 23% of mice that were exposed to nicotine vapor were diagnosed with adenocarcinoma. On the other hand, mice that they expose to e-juice vapor were much healthier.

The study attempts to establish a very close relation between nicotine vaping and lung cancer. At least, it will act as a foundation stone for research in future years, in this industry.

Importance of this Study.

Nowadays, the use of flavored e-cigs by youth is on the rise. The United States government regulators are even calling it as ‘Teen Vaping Epidemic’.

And, they are planning to eliminate all types of e-cigs in the market, including those flavored with nicotine, mint and menthol.

What next?

Researcher Herbert Lepor lead team will now try to refine their investigation by

  • increasing the number of mice in the study,
  • enhancing exposure period to e-cig vapes,
  • investigating genetic changes that e-cigarette smoke may cause.

This means, more worries for Vaping Industry…