Blaux Portable AC Review: Your Personal Air Conditioner and Cleaner this Summer!

Blaux Portable AC is the latest dual-action air cooling gadget. It not only cools the air around you but also filters it. It utilizes the adjective ‘portable’ because you can simply take it where ever you go and you do not even need to have an electricity connection nearby to use it. Just charge it once and enjoy luxury for more than 8 hours.

To summarize, Blaux Portable AC is a cordless air cooler that works as a humidifier and even has fans. It is a cordless, portable and light-weight innovation by Blaux, a company with its HQ in Hong Kong.

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Why do you Need Blaux Portable AC?

In recent years, the heat is soaring so high that it has become almost unbearable in certain regions of the world. Situation turns worse when it is accompanied by humidity. So, if you want to refrain yourself and your loved ones from experiencing the drastic climatic conditions once again this year, it is better to grab a air conditioning unit, before it is too late.

However, the cost of new air conditioners can often hit your pockets and your savings very badly. And, we are not even talking about the installation and maintenance expenses yet. The summer has only begun, for now. This means, there is no chance that the prices will fall. Instead, they will only touch the roofs for the next few months.

Blaux Portable AC is a little device that is equally powerful and you can grab it for just a fraction of a traditional air conditioner’s price. This portable air cooling device is simply breaking all sales records in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many other nations.

In this Blaux Portable AC Review, we shall talk about its technical features, benefits, working, price and of course, the best place to buy. So, keep scrolling to learn every detail about it.

What are the Benefits of Blaux Portable AC?

It matches the cooling capacity of traditional units. At the same time, it can help to reduce those hefty electricity bills.

You do not have to worry about paying installation and maintenance fees. You can simply use the product manual and do it yourself.

It does not occupy much space and you can easily carry it where ever you want like office, kitchen, bedroom, gym or picnic trips.

Thanks to its cooling and heating modalities, you can utilize it throughout the year.

You can either use it as a cooling device, a fan, a humidifier or an air purifier.

It lets you stay happy and stress-free. This may acts as a lifeline to your otherwise deteriorating sex life.

It comes with a 200 mAH rechargeable battery, 300 ml water storage tank and 3 fan speeds.

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What are the Features of Blaux Portable AC?

Elegant Design

The makers have utilized a combination of grey and white colors so that it the gadget easily mixes up with the surrounding environment.

Working Principle

The Blaux Portable Ac produces impressive cooling effects, thanks to use of ‘thermoelectric cooling principle’.


This gadget is very-much compact and the buyers are loving this feature. You can carry it with you any where, any time using its elegant carrying handle.

Compact Size

The size is so small that you can even keep it on your work desk.

Sufficient usage per Recharge

The merchant has utilized a lithium battery that you can easily charge using a USB cable. Then, you can use it consistently for more than 8 hours after 1 complete recharge. So, if you are looking for an unavoidable suburb trip, you know that you cannot ignore it.

LED provision for Power and Charging

The LED indicator tells you about the current status of the rechargeable battery. Hence, you can simply find the plug-point and get it charged before it is too late.

Minimum noise

The noise that it produces is below 40 decibels. Whether you are working on an important assignment in your office or making love to your accomplice, it won’t disturb you.

Air Filter

Besides being an affordable compact AC, this device purifies the air in your surrounding and helps you breathe clean air i.e. void of germs. However, you need to replace the filter system from time to time.

3-Speed Fan

The 3-fan technology lets you control the speed at which the device produces cool air. It comes with 3 speed modes – slow, medium and fast.

Easy to Clean

You can clean this device yourself by using a cloth and a disinfectant. You can even use your vacuum cleaner (using a brush).

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Blaux Portable AC Pros

Very easy to install and use.

Produces high-quality results at low price.

You can boost results with use of ice cubes.

Single recharge produce long-lasting results.

2 month money-return guarantee.

Blaux Portble AC Reviews

Jason I says,”This is not an ordinary portable AC, but years ahead of other products in the market. The advanced design and patented titanium cooling effects is a magnificent combination. It keeps me fresh and relaxed the entire day and even at night. The price is pretty low, lets me save on energy utilization, and the cooling results are awesome!”

Heather M says,”This device is a space saving unit. I can keep it on my desktop alongside my notebook and 2 monitors. It lets me enjoy clean cold wind. “

What is Blaux Portable AC Price?

When you look at the number of benefits and features that this product beholds, its price appears quite reasonable. For single Blaux Portable AC, it costs you $89.99 only. There are 3 more options, that the supplier provides.

However, we suggest buying their bulk packages for more discount. In this manner, you can make sure that each member in your house owns this device at the cheapest price.

Final Verdict and Where to Buy Blaux Portable Ac

To summarize, Blaux Portable AC harnesses the power of a patented titanium cooling element that makes it more effective than most other gadgets in the category. The sleek and stylish gadget comes in 7 different colors.

It only takes 5-6 minutes for it to a cool your bedroom or the drawing room. You do not have to be tech guy to operate this. Simply plug it in, fill some water and turn it on. The price is pretty affordable and it helps you save more money on electricity bills.

Like always, we suggest that you should buy Blaux Portable AC from the official website only.